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Drill Bits

Zhejiang Fancy Cutting Tools Co., Ltd. is manufacturer specializing in researching, designing and manufacturing various type of Cutting Tools.

Our main products are Drill Bits as HSS Twist Drill Bits, Masonry Drill bits, Electric Hammer Drill Bits, Wood Working Drill Bits, Auger Bits, Flat Bits and Combination Drill Bit Sets; Saw Blades as TCT Saw Blades, Diamond Saw Blades.

We carry out the company policy that "every product is good, quality is prime, all staffs do theirs duty to make customers satisfactory", it takes good quality and perfect after service as its management goal. Completely carry out the quality system standard of ISO9002, the company possesses normative management, advanced production equipment, perfect testing instrument and reliable quality. Our products are safe and reliable to use, and have passed the international certification of GS, CE, EMC, ITS, SAA, UL, etc.

The products are widely exported to Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and enjoyed high reputation.

Fancy Cutting Tools would like to supply quality products, best prices & services for you! And we sincerely welcome all friends to expand our business co-operations together.

Diamond Saw Blades
HSS Twist Drill Bits
Masonry Drill Bits
Wood Working Drills
Hammer Drill Bits
Glass Drill Bits
Carpentry Chisel Bits
Steel Chisels
Solid Carbide Drills
Dry Cutting Blades
Wet Cutting Blades
Turbo Saw Blades
Brazed Saw Blades
Laser Welded Blades
Tuck Point Blades
Diamond Core Drills
Grinding Wheels
Sintered Saw Blades
Drill Bit Sets
TCT Saw Blades
drill bitsHSS Twist Drill Bit|Cutting Toolsgrinding wheeltaper shank twist drillTCT Saw Blade|Cutting Toolsmasonry drill bitTwist Drill Bit Set|Cutting ToolsDiamond Saw Blades|Cutting Toolselectric hammer drill bit setDiamond Saw Blades|Cutting ToolsCombination Drill Bit Set|Cutting Tools

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